Thursday, March 22, 2012

Can't Believe It......I'm 30!!

My birthday was January 28th and I finally turned 30!! I was talking to my BF the other day and she recently turned 30 as well and we were reminiscing about how fast it has approached as if without warning!! But we knew it was coming, but not so fast! I told her that I am glad to have finally reached 30 and I was telling her that I wasn't dreading it either!! My my how I've matured spiritually, intellectually and mentally!! I couldn't be more grateful for the work that God has invested in or shall I say still investing in me!! I am a better person in general, which was a goal that I had been trying to accomplish for so long! To be making success and still improving as we speak is just so amazing!! So I'm saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! AGAIN!! I owe everything to God and he is always and will forever be the reason! I encourage those of you that want to make those necessary changes in your life to do so NOW!! As always stay busy loving you and keep encouraging each other!! Peace and God Bless!!

Rich Poor Woman

What do you classify as rich and poor? Most people would say that being rich is having this great abundance of money and luxurious things. Most people would say being poor is not having a dime to your name or a place to call your own. Honestly, it isn't important to me what people say, because I consider myself to be one of the richest women in the world, but when it comes to material things most would say I'm poor! Nothing that I own is luxurious, but I have what I need! And guess what? I am just fine with that! What people consider to be rich and poor is altogether different to me. I'm rich in ways that most people tend to overlook as being rich like, having a beautiful, healthy and smart son who means everything to me and teaches me daily! Or like being in great health myself and being given the privilege to be able to learn, love, laugh, see, feel, taste, walk, fail, smell, talk and think for myself! Also having family and friends who truely love and care for me, which is rare to have these days! These are all tremendous gifts and blessings! Having all of these wonderful attributes in my life I would say qualifies me to be considered a very wealthy woman, even though I don't have a mansion on a hill, a huge bank account or some fancy car! I have everything I need and that's more than a lot of people can say and that's what makes me grateful for what I do have!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Taking Full Advantage of Your Destiny

I was reading an article in one of my favorite magazines the other night and extremely enjoyed what the authors column was about, which was basically touching on the subject of rejection.  Rejection is a very serious issue for some people whereas others can deal with it and move on. Rejection is a unfavorable part of life, but we just have to take rejection with a grain of salt like anything else in life that we don't like! The author was stating that rejection is just simply Gods way of redirecting you in the direction that you should be going, but most folks just don't realize that! People a lot of times get so bogged down with the fact that their plans didn't work out and they are blinded by that rejection so deep that they don't see the big picture! The big picture being your destiny that God has laid out for only you! Rejection is a painful thing to have to experience especially when it comes from those that are close to us. But the "ahh haa" moment for me was when the author was explaining that when reaching a point where you can accept rejection because you know that those plans weren't meant to be and that there is something better out there waiting! Move forward into your destiny that was designed just for you, the author states. I loved when he said that you should thank those that rejected you, because in all actuality they did you a favor. That man or woman that you wanted so bad could been deranged and caused you serious harm! That job you interviewed for could've caused some serious stress putting major weight on your health! That house you couldn't get financed may have had needed more repairs that you can afford! No matter what the rejection may pertain to be thankful and just know that God knows what he is doing in all situations! Don't let that rejection tear you down, dig deep within yourself and tell yourself that there is something a billion times better for me on the way! Be patient, wait for it, smile and enjoy the ride to your true destiny!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Prayer For The Weak Ones/Do you Know Your Worth?

This is strictly for the ladies who may not know or may have forgotten that you belong to a king, therefore that makes all of you queens in his eyes! Now is the time to take or reclaim your crowns and wear them with a vengeance to let all these fools that don't recognize a queen when they see one fall straight down on their faces! Let me ask this, do you feel like the queen that you where born to be and if not why? What is it and/or who is it in your life that makes you feel less of a queen? A lot of us are really great women, but we don't recognize it, which causes us to tend to settle for less and some of us a lot less than we ever imagined. Those of us that are settling for little to nothing when you know you are worth having so much more you need to start filtering out things and people that have no purpose for your life making you feel less than the queens that you are! I can't stress enough that when you start getting rid of the junk in your life that is holding you back and adding years to your face you will start feeling like you have shredded 50 pounds of fat! This is so important, because what will start happening is that power that you may have given up for lost will start to reappear and uplift your spirit! This is just the beginning and you should be proud that your taking the first steps in doing what you've needed to do for yourself all along. You still have a lot more work to do and it will be hard, but if you really want your crown it will be all worth it in the end trust me! Get in the habit of praying and write down all of the things that you need to change about yourself and all of goals that you have set for yourself and want to see become a reality. Start doing your part, because if you wait for God to do everything for you I bet my shoes you will be waiting until the world ends for things to start changing! Be encouraged to love and respect yourself, because if you don't no one else will! Don't wait for men to tell you your beautiful. You have to believe it for yourself and look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself I'm beautiful, I'm worthy of all things great and beautiful! Speak these things and all the things you desire for yourself in your life every chance you get and watch yourself blossom into someone new and fierce! Ladies, when these men that are telling you what they want you to hear to get what they want and you still feel empty it's time to tell him that his time is up and his services will no longer be needed. I've been there and done that and I will tell you that a man will do what you let him. I don't recall any man in my past doing something so wonderful that it's causing my queedom to be put on hold! Any man or friend that doesn't bring out the best in you and puts a smile on your face every time the thought of them crosses your mind, unless your upset with them temporarily, they are not worth having in your life! You have to start asking yourself what is the point of hanging on to these people that are holding you back! If you can't answer that question with a positive response then it is time to say goodbye, which won't be easy! Guess what life's not easy, but you live it everyday and something presses you along so you can let go of those people that don't have your best interest at heart!! You will be alone for a while, and you may even feel like you've been abandoned, but you are not alone! You have God, you have your children if you are mothers, and you have family and friends that are in your corner! These individuals are the ones you keep close and hopefully you know the difference between real friends and family from enemies! If all you have is God then you honestly have more than enough to carry on and let go of that junk that you have been unnecessarily carrying around! Ladies, let God be your focus, mothers let your beautiful children be your focus and raise them to be the kings and queens that they were born and destined to be! Wives let your husbands be your focus as well, that is if he recognizes his queen that travels life's tough road along the side of him oh so gracefully like only queens can and if not then go ahead and give him that boot too! Recognizing that you are a queen is so important to me, because it is a gift given to you by your creator and anything that he gives you is WONDERFUL and GLORIOUS! It is important that in this life you keep a strong hold to what God gives you including people! I didn't always have the mindset of a queen and I had to learn it and teach it to myself! Those of us that were not told as little girls that we are princesses that have to love and respect our minds and bodies and to never let anyone take that away didn't have the opportunity to be blessed with that mindset as women! Then as women we would've known to obtain our throne of queendom a lot sooner! So please don't blame yourselves, because now you know! Now, the question is what are you going to about it and when, because you are running out of time? I had a young man tell me earlier this year that I was a queen, because God said so! This young man who did not know me personally told me that I settle for less in my life and he asked me why? I told him that I didn't know why, and that he was right about what he was telling me and it also made me realize that I still had a lot more work to do spiritually and mentalally! For this man to come up to me and tell me this was a serious reality check for me! That was none other than our heavenly father speaking through him to me, because he knew I was tired of settling for less and being caught up in my old pointless ways! I needed more change, I needed to love myself more, I needed to be a better woman, I needed to be an even better mother for my son, I needed to upgrade from a princess to a queen! I took charge and now nothing and nobody can stop me! I understand that some of you are ready and some are not and never will be! Those of you that are not don't be envious of women that have reached their plateau of their queendom, because we definitely don't go around unrecognized! You know queens when you see us! Take that negative energy and flip it so you can take charge of your life so you can obtain your crown and be the queen you are set out to be!! Let that be your focus! STAY BUSY LOVING YOU AND ALL HAIL TO THE QUEENS OF 2012!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Bringing In the New Year Right!!

Wow, my people 2011 is almost over and a new year is now approaching ever so quickly! When I take a moment and sit and think about how fast this year has come and gone I start thinking about all the things that I did that I was proud of and the things I was not so proud of! I will say that most of the events that occurred sure taught me something that I will never forget and I am glad to say that God still loves me enough to allow me more time here on earth. More time on earth for me means more time to learn, to love, to grow, to teach, to succeed, to fail, to be thankful, to dream, to mature, to raise my son, to accomplish my goals, to help others and to enjoy life to the fullest! I have to say this year was great, because it was actually the first year for me that I literally took the time to seriously reflect on every decision I made and the outcomes of those decisions! The mistakes that I made I plan on not making again and I plan to continue to work on my patience, because my impatience caused me to make some decisions I seriously wish I hadn't! The great thing about life is that what it teaches us is absolutely awesome depending on how you view the lessons that are being brought to your chalkboard! I told myself that next year will be even better, because of my mind set and plans that I have for my life. No more unnecessary relationships with people that have no purpose for me and my life, no more hasty decision making, no more impatience, no more procrastinating and no more waiting to live the the life I want for me and my son, because it starts now!!  I will no longer limit and deprive myself of the wonderful things life has to offer me! Be optimistic, be focused on your dreams and goals and fall in love with yourself all over again so you can be you fully with no limits and as always stay busy loving you! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! IT'S GOING TO BE A GREAT ONE, BUT REMEMBER THAT IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU! PEACE AND GOD BLESS!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

30 Minute Love

It seems that love now a days lasts about 30 minutes and no one is in it for the long haul! The things that should be important are not a priority, while honesty, being faithful, caring, considerate, and sincere are almost nonexistent when it comes to most people! Every man for himself seems to be a lot of peoples attitude, while the people that possess these qualities appear to be dwindling down! One of the many things I enjoy doing in my spare time is watching old black and white classic films back when things were so much different when it came to love and the way men and women conducted themselves. I'd sit and watch these films thinking to myself saying, "What happen to men like that and where did they go?" I like how gentle, thoughtful, loving, caring and hard working the men were back then! Of course, they weren't all like that but it seemed that at least half of men had these qualities and that was the way of life back in those days. Men and woman of today aren't as fortunate unless they have someone in their life that have what I like to call that old school flavor running in their blood or these men and women just so happen to have inherited it! I was raised mostly by my grandparents in my younger years so all of the advice they gave me stuck with me. When I chose to talk to my grandparents about things that I experienced in life that bothered me or that I didn't understand they always had the best advice, because they had already experienced themselves! I feel that having them in my life constantly in my younger years and taking heed to their advice has a lot to do with if not mostly with my old school ways. My grandparents were married when they were in their teens and stuck it out for about fifty years which is almost unheard of these days! I believe being who you need to be for yourself first and being patient plays a big role in having a long lasting love with your one and only! Most people, including myself, have made the mistake in choosing the wrong person to love and most have also made the mistake in giving too many people their love which unfortunately has left them so heartbroken that they feel that they have no more love to give! I was having a conversation with one of my best friends and we were talking about relationships and he asked me if I have ever given my all in a relationship and I replied NO! I explained to him that the reason for this was, because I always knew that I would be married one day and my husband would be the one to get all my love in every way not some man that I wasn't sure was the one! There has always been something about me even as a little girl that was different and something was guiding me in the direction that I needed to go and all I had to do was listen! As I got older I started to listen to that guide and started thinking about the kind of man I needed in my life and when I figured it out I refused to settled for less! In other words, that 30 minute love of today just won't do for me and I plan to happily and patiently wait for the love I desire and deserve! Life is too short to be with someone who doesn't appreciate, love and deserve you!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Strength, How Wonderful Once Obtained!!!!

We as people have more strength than we think we do. I feel that we as people also don't give ourselves enough credit when it comes to being able to go through situations that we think will kill us if we don't get through it within five minutes! I don't too much care for setbacks personally, but the harsh reality is that life is full of them and if it wasn't for setbacks then the strength that is needed to get through life won't be obtained! Strength is so important to have in this life to where it seems it is as important as the air we breath! I have been through so much and I can honestly say that I have not been through hell and back! When I read about this place called hell I think, "Man this is a really jacked up place that I would hate to spend eternity especially with what I already had to go through on earth!!!!" People, of course, exaggerate to the fifth degree when they say they have been through hell on earth and I understand that it may feel that way for a moment especially when that individual was literally in an accident that involved fire! It is a beautiful thing when you can say that you have been through some times that were tough but you are still here and your strength level has been kicked up a few notches which has just simply prepared you for more of life's difficulties that may lie ahead! I had the opportunity to listen to a sermon a few months ago at a church where my cousins baptism was held and this preacher said that he knows that we all have been through some things and that we still had a lot to be thankful for because we are still here! I thought to myself how right this man was and how at that very minute what he said triggered something within me that kicked my strength level up even more and how grateful I am for my life and the things I've been through because I'm a much stronger woman because of them!! I learned to be grateful for setbacks and tough times, because they teach something that no one else can teach you, which is how great your own personal strength is! I believe that God did something amazing when he created us ,because we are some awesome creatures that have this amazing ability to bounce back from tragedy when it strikes! What deeply saddens me is that so many people don't realize that most  of us were born with this ability and I am speaking specifically about those of us that have our right minds! So for those of us that recognize our strength I hope and pray that we continue to grow strong together, those of us that don't have the strength that is needed please don't give up and fight for it!!