Friday, December 30, 2011

Bringing In the New Year Right!!

Wow, my people 2011 is almost over and a new year is now approaching ever so quickly! When I take a moment and sit and think about how fast this year has come and gone I start thinking about all the things that I did that I was proud of and the things I was not so proud of! I will say that most of the events that occurred sure taught me something that I will never forget and I am glad to say that God still loves me enough to allow me more time here on earth. More time on earth for me means more time to learn, to love, to grow, to teach, to succeed, to fail, to be thankful, to dream, to mature, to raise my son, to accomplish my goals, to help others and to enjoy life to the fullest! I have to say this year was great, because it was actually the first year for me that I literally took the time to seriously reflect on every decision I made and the outcomes of those decisions! The mistakes that I made I plan on not making again and I plan to continue to work on my patience, because my impatience caused me to make some decisions I seriously wish I hadn't! The great thing about life is that what it teaches us is absolutely awesome depending on how you view the lessons that are being brought to your chalkboard! I told myself that next year will be even better, because of my mind set and plans that I have for my life. No more unnecessary relationships with people that have no purpose for me and my life, no more hasty decision making, no more impatience, no more procrastinating and no more waiting to live the the life I want for me and my son, because it starts now!!  I will no longer limit and deprive myself of the wonderful things life has to offer me! Be optimistic, be focused on your dreams and goals and fall in love with yourself all over again so you can be you fully with no limits and as always stay busy loving you! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! IT'S GOING TO BE A GREAT ONE, BUT REMEMBER THAT IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU! PEACE AND GOD BLESS!!!!

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