Monday, December 19, 2011

30 Minute Love

It seems that love now a days lasts about 30 minutes and no one is in it for the long haul! The things that should be important are not a priority, while honesty, being faithful, caring, considerate, and sincere are almost nonexistent when it comes to most people! Every man for himself seems to be a lot of peoples attitude, while the people that possess these qualities appear to be dwindling down! One of the many things I enjoy doing in my spare time is watching old black and white classic films back when things were so much different when it came to love and the way men and women conducted themselves. I'd sit and watch these films thinking to myself saying, "What happen to men like that and where did they go?" I like how gentle, thoughtful, loving, caring and hard working the men were back then! Of course, they weren't all like that but it seemed that at least half of men had these qualities and that was the way of life back in those days. Men and woman of today aren't as fortunate unless they have someone in their life that have what I like to call that old school flavor running in their blood or these men and women just so happen to have inherited it! I was raised mostly by my grandparents in my younger years so all of the advice they gave me stuck with me. When I chose to talk to my grandparents about things that I experienced in life that bothered me or that I didn't understand they always had the best advice, because they had already experienced themselves! I feel that having them in my life constantly in my younger years and taking heed to their advice has a lot to do with if not mostly with my old school ways. My grandparents were married when they were in their teens and stuck it out for about fifty years which is almost unheard of these days! I believe being who you need to be for yourself first and being patient plays a big role in having a long lasting love with your one and only! Most people, including myself, have made the mistake in choosing the wrong person to love and most have also made the mistake in giving too many people their love which unfortunately has left them so heartbroken that they feel that they have no more love to give! I was having a conversation with one of my best friends and we were talking about relationships and he asked me if I have ever given my all in a relationship and I replied NO! I explained to him that the reason for this was, because I always knew that I would be married one day and my husband would be the one to get all my love in every way not some man that I wasn't sure was the one! There has always been something about me even as a little girl that was different and something was guiding me in the direction that I needed to go and all I had to do was listen! As I got older I started to listen to that guide and started thinking about the kind of man I needed in my life and when I figured it out I refused to settled for less! In other words, that 30 minute love of today just won't do for me and I plan to happily and patiently wait for the love I desire and deserve! Life is too short to be with someone who doesn't appreciate, love and deserve you!


Sherita said...

I definitely agree with you. I can say from my own experience, it's important to pay attention to your seasons. Once you've come to the end, you need to move on. Hanging on to that person could lead you to a life of misery. We all know......misery loves company.

Nana♥Blacc said...

Love now a days seems more seasonal than anything. I know your friend can appreciate your honesty It would be easy to ease his mind and say yeah I put all of my love into my relationships but I'm glad that you told him the truth. you want men to want to work for all of your love as you should be willing to do the same and put forth effort for all of theirs. Too many women give away their love without having the man work for it and wonder why they don't 'want' to work for it. The same can be said in vice versa.