Thursday, January 26, 2012

Taking Full Advantage of Your Destiny

I was reading an article in one of my favorite magazines the other night and extremely enjoyed what the authors column was about, which was basically touching on the subject of rejection.  Rejection is a very serious issue for some people whereas others can deal with it and move on. Rejection is a unfavorable part of life, but we just have to take rejection with a grain of salt like anything else in life that we don't like! The author was stating that rejection is just simply Gods way of redirecting you in the direction that you should be going, but most folks just don't realize that! People a lot of times get so bogged down with the fact that their plans didn't work out and they are blinded by that rejection so deep that they don't see the big picture! The big picture being your destiny that God has laid out for only you! Rejection is a painful thing to have to experience especially when it comes from those that are close to us. But the "ahh haa" moment for me was when the author was explaining that when reaching a point where you can accept rejection because you know that those plans weren't meant to be and that there is something better out there waiting! Move forward into your destiny that was designed just for you, the author states. I loved when he said that you should thank those that rejected you, because in all actuality they did you a favor. That man or woman that you wanted so bad could been deranged and caused you serious harm! That job you interviewed for could've caused some serious stress putting major weight on your health! That house you couldn't get financed may have had needed more repairs that you can afford! No matter what the rejection may pertain to be thankful and just know that God knows what he is doing in all situations! Don't let that rejection tear you down, dig deep within yourself and tell yourself that there is something a billion times better for me on the way! Be patient, wait for it, smile and enjoy the ride to your true destiny!

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