Thursday, March 22, 2012

Can't Believe It......I'm 30!!

My birthday was January 28th and I finally turned 30!! I was talking to my BF the other day and she recently turned 30 as well and we were reminiscing about how fast it has approached as if without warning!! But we knew it was coming, but not so fast! I told her that I am glad to have finally reached 30 and I was telling her that I wasn't dreading it either!! My my how I've matured spiritually, intellectually and mentally!! I couldn't be more grateful for the work that God has invested in or shall I say still investing in me!! I am a better person in general, which was a goal that I had been trying to accomplish for so long! To be making success and still improving as we speak is just so amazing!! So I'm saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! AGAIN!! I owe everything to God and he is always and will forever be the reason! I encourage those of you that want to make those necessary changes in your life to do so NOW!! As always stay busy loving you and keep encouraging each other!! Peace and God Bless!!

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