Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blaming others for your irresponsibility

Tell me have you ever been blamed for someone else's mistake, because they chose not to be responsible? I feel that once you reach an age where you know right from wrong you have the option of choosing to do right or wrong. Now I'm not judgemental so those that choose right or wrong is that individuals human right and to be honest those of us that choose to do right still do some wrong even though we don't like to admit it! Whats dead wrong is when someone blames another for the mistakes they made! I think that is unfair and the individual that's placing blame should own up to their mistakes! It may seem like a small thing, but in all actually it's a tremendous deal! This problem can seriously ruin relationships or even keep relationships from ever blossoming! Placing blame like any other problem is not easy to stop especially if denial is present! You will definitely need the support of a higher power and your friends and family if possible. The change, of course, won't happen over night, but baby steps everyday will surely help you along the way to becoming a better you! Trust me I know, because I used to be that individual placing blame and I got sick of being that person! I knew that I could and needed to be more and recognizing that caused me to change! The woman that I envisioned myself being didn't place blame. She owned up to her responsibilities and womaned up to life! So if you desire to be a better person, whether you feel you can accomplish it or not, focus on your goal and let that be your drive to help you along the way! As always stay busy loving you and say hello to a better you!

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Sherita said...

I keep my distance from these type of people... You're lucky you've changed, or I'm sorry we couldn't be friends! J.K., Preach on preacher girl!!!