Sunday, November 13, 2011

Do You Take the Time To Recognize the Beauty in Those Around You?

When I sit and think about all the people in my life at the current time it makes me smile! I have a three year old son who is absolutely beautiful and I feel blessed on such a great level to have him in my life! My son is a great baby and when he makes me upset he immediately does something to make me laugh and I don't even try to hold back, because I'm thinking "What's the point, laugh and let it out?" I could go on and on about him but I want to include others that have a profound affect on my life as well! My mother, Oh boy, she is loud, rambunctious, funny and has the biggest heart when it comes to her family! She will do anything for her family no matter what is said about her she is the type of person that will give you her last and not care as long as you're okay and have what you need! She loves to see others happy and has such a beautiful giving spirit that I have to say that she and I fortunately were blessed with! My grandmother, god rest her soul, had this same spirit and instilled it within my mother and I and she was our families rock! My grandmother was remarkable in so many ways that it would take weeks upon weeks to describe her or months and sundays as she would say! She sacrificed and gave so much that it would make you stop and wonder if she ever know how remarkable and beautiful she was! My brother, who is so distant, took it upon himself to become my guardian when I was seventeen years old, because he wanted me to have a chance at a better life! He didn't have to do that and he could've just went his on way to start his life not giving a care about all of us back home when he graduated from college back in 1997! I will always remember that and what a beautiful person he is and what a beautiful mind he has! I wish I had the focus and drive that my brother has, because it is down right awesome and keep up the excellent work! My grandfather is so intelligent and stubborn, which makes having a relationship with him difficult! No matter how stubborn my grandfather is he's still so awesome in so many ways! Not many people have the will and drive to self educate themselves on the level that he has! I love that fact that everyday he has to make it a priority to learn something that he didn't know the day before and what he knows will make anyone envious of the knowledge that he has obtained over the years! My cousin, who is currently going through a through a rough test right now, has truly taught me something! No matter what happens to you in life you are still here, which means that whatever your going through couldn't be that bad because your still here! My cousin has one the sweetest, toughest and coolest souls I know! Last but not least my best friends and they know who they are! They have the most beautiful qualities any friends could have! They are hilarious, strong, gifted and truly blessed with gods good hands! As a matter of fact I consider my best friends family, because I don't know too many friends who would do anything for you and not complain or act funny toward you no matter what they might be going through. I am so happy and pleased to have all of these great people in my life and I don't know what I would do without them! It's hard for me to see nothing but the things I don't agree with that they may do or say, because their beauty out shines all of that! I feel that if all a person can see in you is all negative then you don't need them in your life, especially if you are a beautiful person overall! No one person is all glorious and we all some things about ourselves that we need to work on just don't let what we need to work on be your focus! Take the time to see what makes those around you beautiful and let them know it!

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