Saturday, December 10, 2011

Strength, How Wonderful Once Obtained!!!!

We as people have more strength than we think we do. I feel that we as people also don't give ourselves enough credit when it comes to being able to go through situations that we think will kill us if we don't get through it within five minutes! I don't too much care for setbacks personally, but the harsh reality is that life is full of them and if it wasn't for setbacks then the strength that is needed to get through life won't be obtained! Strength is so important to have in this life to where it seems it is as important as the air we breath! I have been through so much and I can honestly say that I have not been through hell and back! When I read about this place called hell I think, "Man this is a really jacked up place that I would hate to spend eternity especially with what I already had to go through on earth!!!!" People, of course, exaggerate to the fifth degree when they say they have been through hell on earth and I understand that it may feel that way for a moment especially when that individual was literally in an accident that involved fire! It is a beautiful thing when you can say that you have been through some times that were tough but you are still here and your strength level has been kicked up a few notches which has just simply prepared you for more of life's difficulties that may lie ahead! I had the opportunity to listen to a sermon a few months ago at a church where my cousins baptism was held and this preacher said that he knows that we all have been through some things and that we still had a lot to be thankful for because we are still here! I thought to myself how right this man was and how at that very minute what he said triggered something within me that kicked my strength level up even more and how grateful I am for my life and the things I've been through because I'm a much stronger woman because of them!! I learned to be grateful for setbacks and tough times, because they teach something that no one else can teach you, which is how great your own personal strength is! I believe that God did something amazing when he created us ,because we are some awesome creatures that have this amazing ability to bounce back from tragedy when it strikes! What deeply saddens me is that so many people don't realize that most  of us were born with this ability and I am speaking specifically about those of us that have our right minds! So for those of us that recognize our strength I hope and pray that we continue to grow strong together, those of us that don't have the strength that is needed please don't give up and fight for it!!

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Sherita said...

It's hard to really see how strong you are when you are in the midst of it all. Sometimes, I look back over my life and think "How did I get through that?" I have friends that ask me how I came to where I am, and my answer is God. Yes, I was strong but he was stronger. He carried me,when I could no longer walk. He held me in his arms when I cried, and he lifted my head when it was heavy. Through it all, my strength depended on my faith. From it all, I was made whole again in order to fight another day.